ITIL 4 - What is it?

13.11.2019 13:00 - 14:00

In this webinar we will cover the basics what is ITIL 4 Framwork all about and how does it relate to earlier version 3. ITIL 4 was published in early 2019. In this webinar we we look into why ITIL 3 needed updating and what new does ITIL 4 bring. 

After this webinar there is more detailed description of the intermediate courses that are being published late in 2019.

The content of this webinar has been demonstrated mostly earlier in webinar in Finnish. To check that recording go to: https://www.oppia.fi/webinars/itil4uutisia


Lari Peltoniemi has worked within IT Service Management for 15 years. He has helped both IT Service consumer and IT Service Provider companies and organizations to successfully develop their ITSM practices and achieve IT and Business goals of organization. Lari 's  expertise covers industries widely from MSP IT service providers, Telecom, Banking and Finance, Energy, Education and Public Sector. Lari works as consultant and trainer on VeriSM, SIAM, CAPO/CASM, ITIL, CMDB and ITSM area in general.

Check out the ITIL 4 trainings at Oppia.fi: https://www.oppia.fi/search/?q=ITIL+4&cat=all


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ITIL 4 - What is it?
13.11.2019 13:00 - 14:00