Ketteryyden kehittäminen, Leanscape-esittely

27.04.2017 14:00 - 14:30

Leanscape on erittäin suosittu huonepakopeli verkossa. Se on toimialariippumaton menetelmä, jonka avulla yrityksen koko henkilöstö kehittää omaa ja yrityksen toimintaa ketterämmäksi.

Palvelu on englanninkielinen, mutta esittely tapahtuu suomeksi.




Leanscape is a unique famous room escape game. It's a gamified interactive eLearning package for your organization to grasp the essence of agile and lean practices.

It is effortless to roll-out to your organization. Are you searching for a solution to kickstart Lean in your organisation? Leanscape is the easiest way to get everyone involved in agile ways of working.


Leanscape is a gamified learning package as a cloud service. Leanscape is designed to give deep introduction of principles such as lean, agile, kanban. Players are challenged to gain insights on how to become more agile at work.

PragmatIQ gamification cloud services have been licenced for more than 400000 users.
We guarantee that with Leanscape your team will start working together in a more agile and efficient way.


  • Get everyone committed in agile ways of working

  • Enhance teamwork at your company

  • The easiest and fastest way of becoming more agile

  • Shared best practices between all users

  • Much more cost efficient than hiring lean consultants



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Ketteryyden kehittäminen, Leanscape-esittely
27.04.2017 14:00 - 14:30