WEBINAR: Utilizing ITIL Service Lifecycle Model in Organization's Service Provision

27.10.2017 10:00 - 11:00

Service Lifecycle model (ITIL 2011: Service Lifecycle Model) is a model with which an organization can utilize and systematically manage the services it is producing from all the way from idea to retirement. Service Lifecycle model is one of the key concepts in current version of ITIL. Despite this the model is seldom utilized in full scale of service provision. In this webinar Mikko Korhonen will go through teh primary principles how the model can be modified to organizations' needs. Mikko will also recap based on his long experience the key practices how the model can be implemented to provide value in all lifecycle stages as quickly as possible. 



09:45-10.00 Logging in to webinar

10:00-10:45 Presentation (Mikko Korhonen, in English)



Mikko Korhonen is solution-oriented professional well versed in Enterprise Sales, Business Development, Service and IT Service Management, Project Management and Process Improvement. Notable success in selling, advising and directing a broad range of corporate IT initiatives 

Solid experience in enterprise sales, consulting, coaching, workshop-methods, change/project management, enterprise architecture and process development.

Some key points

  • A long track record at all size of political, national and international organizations 
  • Successful management of multiple projects in the different industries.
  • Proven track record of selling and delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Sound ability to conduct and interpret business process development, architectural and technological aspects.
  • Comprehensive understanding of quality improvement techniques.
  • Fully qualified on change and project management skills with solid hands-on experience in managing all range of changes
  • A solid reputation as a hard working, innovative, customer-oriented and results-driven person

Recording will become available within some 24 hours after the webinar. 

This webinar has already been kept in Finnish 14.9.2017 and the recording of that can be found from here.

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WEBINAR: Utilizing ITIL Service Lifecycle Model in Organization's Service Provision
27.10.2017 10:00 - 11:00