Baltic Project Management Days 2018

The utilization of projects is a constantly renewable method of operation, regardless of the line of business. Project have gained an increasingly more substantial role in all fields irrespective oftasks and duties. For many corporations, project management is one of the most important tool for maintaining and improving national and international competitiveness. The world of projects and its challenges are expanding. Traditional PM, Lean, Agile, Leadership, Portfolio, Competences... all these and more you can find in Baltic PM Days 2018.

Baltic Project Management Days strives to meet these challenges year after year by organizing a two-day conference presenting the latest solutions, models, methods and tools in order to facilitate the projects professionals in their daily work.

Why to attend:

  • Empower yourself and your organisation with the knowledge and skills required to stay competitive in PM environment.
  • Gain new perspectives and inspiration from passionate and innovative speakers.
  • Learn the latest trends, gain insights and help yourself in your daily work life
  • Make Valuable Connections - Interact and connect in meaningful ways with other participants and speakers.
  • Be open minded - ask questions, find advice, and gain new perspectives from project managers around the world.
  • Increase Your Visibility! Meet experts and leaders in your industry or role.
  • Benefit from unique leader-to-leader insights and a big-picture view of how organizations around the world do project management.
  • Get new connections and network around the world

This event is traditionally organized by the members of International Project Management Association in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Baltic PM Days has already become a central meeting point for project management professionals from the Baltic States, Nordic and other European countries. Participants and speakers who are actively involved in organizational change, project management, experts in their subject with leading roles in organizations and researchers contributing with latest academic insights on project management are expected to join the conference this year.

Baltic Project Management Days 2018




Keynote puhujat

Marco Buijnsters
Janis Meiksans
Henny Portman
HWP Consulting
Peter Vesterbacka
Rovio Entertainment Oy


Anu Einberg
Raul Ennus
Aivar Jaeski
RB Rail AS
Kaimar Karu
OÜ Mindbridge
Renita Käsper
CV Keskus
Kristel Kruustuk
Mihkel Lauk
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Estonia
David Lynch
The Directorate of Customs
Mart Mäe
Georg Merilo
Leo O Neill
HML Project Management
Märt Ridala
Himskatti Oy / Solita Oy
Martin Sedlmayer
IPMA Young Crew
Siim Sikkut
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication
Ville Sirviö


Baltic Project Management Days 2018
Baltic Project Management Days 2018
1 Kpl
Baltic Project Management Days 2018 (2pv), 27.9.2018
450 €
+ alv. 24%.
Baltic Project Management Days 2018 (Groups ticket - 3 ticket)
3 Kpl
Baltic Project Management Days 2018 (2pv), 27.9.2018
1020 €
+ alv. 24%.
Baltic Project Management Days 2018 (Groups ticket - 5 ticket)
5 Kpl
Baltic Project Management Days 2018 (2pv), 27.9.2018
1600 €
+ alv. 24%.

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Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn