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AI & Data Summit 2020 -tapahtuman keskiössä ovat tekoäly, datatiede ja niiden etiikka. Päivän aikana kuulet puheenvuoroja eri toimialojen asiantuntijoilta niin yksityiseltä kuin julkiseltakin sektorilta sekä tiedemaailmasta.Tapahtumassa tarkastellaan globaalilla tasolla tekoälyn, tiedon ja etiikan ekosysteemiä ja sitä, millaisia ristiriitoja sen kehittymiseen liittyy.



We are happy to announce the The 1st AI & Data Summit 2020!

The Summit brings together professionals to discuss artificial intelligence, data science, AI and data ethics. It features presentations from leading experts and global leading actors in the field, including representatives of business, government, and academia. In the event we will take a deeper look on the current status of the global AI, data and ethics ecosystem and the emerging paradigms that are governing its evolution. 

The 1st AI & Data Summit will take place at Sokos Hotel Tripla, Helsinki. Stay tuned for more speakers to be revealed!


Ratko Mutavdzic

Director, Cloud Services for Public Sector in Central Eastern Europe

Ratko Mutavdzic


Karen Burns


Karen Burns


Keegan Mcbride


Keegan Mcbride

Information Systems Research Group - Tallinn University of Technology

Jarkko Moilanen

APItalist Developer Program Lead

Jarkko Moilanen

Platform of Trust Oy

Marcus Velin

Commercial Product Manager Crowd Insights

Marcus Velin

Telia Company

Ott Velsberg

Government Chief Data Officer

Ott Velsberg

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication


AI & Data Summit

590.00 €
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Your registration is binding after the purchase. It can neither be cancelled nor changed nor refunded. If the event will be cancelled or postponed more than 3 months due to Covid19, tickets will be refunded. Purchased tickets are valid and will not be refunded if the the event is postponed for max. 3 months or if the event becomes virtual. In case of absence or if you can not attend the seminar you may send somebody else to replace you. In this case please contact liisa.eerola@wakaru.fi. The cancellation terms and conditions are valid also for the person to replace the original ticket owner.


Sokos Hotel Tripla

Fredikanterassi 1 B
00520 Helsinki

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