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Excel jatko
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Excel jatko (1 days), 25.01.2022
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Excel advanced

In this course you will learn how to use Excel’s more enhanced features. We will learn how to import data from different data sources, analyze it with functions and create Pivot tables. We will cover for example Vlookup, Sumif and database functions, effective ways to visualize your data with charts & sparklines and how to use database features effectively.

This cource is for people who already master Excel basics.


This training is for Excel Windows versions 2010, 2013, 2016 and for Excel Mac version 2016.


Excel enhanced use

  • Number formatting, calculations and static references
  • Importing data from different sources. Use of a .csv files and import wizard.
  • How to process cell values? Flash fill and text to columns
  • Paste special feature, paste items in right format

Enhanced calculations

  • Calculation with condition functions like If and Sumifs
  • Fetching and combining information with Lookup and Vlookup functions
  • Inner functions: Index/Match


  • Basic features, sort, filter and format as table
  • How I can hide unneeded information? Grouping your
  • What is Pivot? Introduction into Pivot
  • Reporting and data analyzes with Pivot

Data visualization

  • How I can recognize values differences and their trends? Conditional formatting and Sparkline
  • Enhanced charts, for example use of a two axels



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