TOGAF 9.1 Foundation +EA + sertifiointitesti

Kesto: 2.0 pv
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TOGAF 9.1 Foundation (verkkokurssi) EA (luokkakurssi) + sertifiointitesti

- 2 pv luokkakurssi, materiaali englanniksi ja opetus suomeksi
- TOGAF 9.1 Foundation verkkokurssi (itseopiskelu) englanniksi - linkki kurssille toimitetaan kurssikutsun yhteydessä
- TOGAF 9.1 Foundation sertifiointitesti (online) englanniksi - tentti varten saat voucherin, jolla saat varattua tentin PearsonVue -keskuksesta

- 2 päivän luokkakurssi
- opetuskieli: suomi
- materiaalin kieli: englanti
- materiaalin muoto: pdf

2. TOGAF 9.1 Foundation eLearning (self study, 15 hours)
This is an accredited online training course, designed by TOGAF experts to prepare you with everything you need to gain TOGAF Certification at Foundation level. TOGAF provides an iterative approach to development at four levels of architecture: Business, Application, Data, and Technology. The Architecture Development Method (ADM) is the keystone of the framework and is covered extensively in this course with interactive guides, quizzes, and videos. This TOGAF 9 Foundation e-learning course is approved by The Open Group as a fully accredited training course.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Archotecture Development Method
Part 3: ADM Guidelines and Techniques
Part 4: Architecture Content Framework
Part 5: Enterprise Continuum & Tools
Part 6: TOGAF Reference Models
Part 7: Arhitecture Capability Framework
Part 8: Learning Review

3. TOGAF 9.1 Foundation Certification Exam
This exam is the first part of a 2-part certification process for TOGAF 9.1 Certification and can be taken after the completing the TOGAF Foundation e-Learning certification course.

 This is a multiple choice exam consisting of 40 questions

 There is a time limit of 60 minutes to complete the exam
 The exam is closed book - you cannot make use of any resources or materials during the exam
 The pass-rate for the exam is 55%: you must get 22 out of 40 questions correct
 In countries where English is a second language, the time allocated for the exam is extended to 90 minutes

Booking the exam
Once you have completed the TOGAF Foundation training course, you can use your free exam voucher which can be used at any Pearson Vue test center within 12 a month period.
TOGAF Practice Exam
Once you have completed the TOGAF Foundation training course, you can check if you are ready by taking the practice test that is integrated with the course. It has been designed to simulate the types of questions and format of the actual exam.


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