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Duration: 3.0 days
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The EXIN BCS SIAM™ Professional certification tests a candidate’s knowledge of the application of SIAM™ to situations and the candidate’s ability to further analyze the SIAM concepts.

Target Group

This certification is aimed at professionals worldwide who have an interest in the practices of Service Integration and Management or want to apply this methodology in an organization. The content of this certification is appropriate for customer organizations who will commission SIAM models, staff who provide retained capabilities in a customer organization, service integrators, and service providers working within a SIAM ecosystem.


Knowledge of SIAM, through the completion of the SIAM™ Foundation exam is recommended.  Also recommended is knowledge of IT Service Management.


Course days last by default 9-17. 

Course Program

Course will study more in detail the relevant SIAM lifecycle stages than was done in SIAM Foundation course. Major part of the course are the Case Study based excercises. 

Major topics are: 

  • Discovery and Strategy
  • Plan and Build
  • Implement
  • Run and Improve
  • SIAM practices


Course is delivered by certified Wakaru Trainers.

Course Material

Electronic, in PDF format. Workstation from student is strongly recommended.


Requirements for certification: 

  • Accredited training SIAM™ Professional, including successful completion of the Practical Assignments
  • Successful completion of the EXIN BCS SIAM™ Professional exam.

Examination details: 

  • Examination type: Computer-based or paper-based multiple-choice questions
  • Number of questions: 40

  • Pass mark: 65%

  • Open book and/or notes: No

  • Electronic equipment and/or aides permitted: No

  • Time allowed for this examination: 90 minutes

The Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s examinations apply to this exam.

The EXIN BCS SIAM™ Professional certification tests candidates at Bloom Level 3 and Level 4.

  • Bloom Level 3: Application – solve problems in new situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different, or new way. This can include choosing appropriate actions or identifying a range of options.
  • Bloom Level 4: Analysis – examine and break information into parts by identifying motives or causes. Make inferences and find evidence to support generalizations.

Indication study effort: 60 hours, depending on existing knowledge

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