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AgileSHIFT combines agile management methods and Lean thinking into one systematic framework that enables companies to prepare for disruptive business changes.

Agile methods have established themselves in software development and more broadly in the IT industry. AgileSHIFT enables companies to develop enterprise-wide agility and avoid silo mentality.

What does transformation mean?

Business transformation is a significant change in the way an organization conducts all or part of its business. Transformation takes many forms, from small-scale local processes or tool changes to large-scale changes that shape the way an organization interacts with and serves its customers.

Most existing organizations are making an effort to change their way of working. Regardless of the sector in which they operate, traditional ways of working are no longer sufficient to remain competitive and survive.

This has been influenced by e.g.

• Increasing customer demand and expectations

• Rise of market-shaping competitors

• Traditional processes that no longer serve their purpose

• A corporate culture that does not support agile adaptation to market changes


The most significant and powerful factor has been the proliferation of digital technology. Digitalization has brought new players seeking to change the laws of the market.


What is AgileSHIFT?

AgileSHIFT is an easy-to-customize framework that guides organizations to drive business change and succeed in a constantly evolving or transforming market. AgileSHIFT's guiding principles are to create value for the customer through early and through frequent releases.


Target group of the course

The course is suitable for company management, business developers, PMO workers, project managers, and anyone whose job is to establish or promote significant change (including change consultants, coaches and coaches).

Course participants learn to

• Understand the need to develop enterprise-wide agility

• Identify opportunities for change

• To act as change engines or catalysts

• Apply AgileSHIFT to agile management of change through small incremental changes


1st DAY

• Module 1: AgileSHIFT Overview

• Module 2: The changing business environment

• Module 3: AgileSHIFT Framework

• Module 4: AgileSHIFT Principles

• Module 5: AgileSHIFT Practices


2nd DAY

• Module 6: AgileSHIFT Roles

• Module 7: AgileSHIFT Workflow

• Module 8: AgileSHIFT Iterations

• Module 9: Practice Exam


Trainer Aaro Ollikainen has nearly 20 years of experience in company-specific coaching and management consulting.

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