Technical Agility for Dummies

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Are you a member of an agile team or on the path of agile transformation and find it difficult to help engineers in their daily interaction and tasks? Are you wondering what kind of processes, tools and ways of working could help the individuals in your team to improve their collaboration? Or perhaps you are already a senior member of a team but want to learn how agile can help your team deliver better software, consistently?

Technical excellence is a prerequisite for successful agile transformations. In this event we’ll give you practical tips and examples on how choosing the right processes, tools and collaboration patterns can enable the team to deliver better results by taking advantage of the shared knowledge of your whole agile team.

For Whom

  * E.g. Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Designers etc. that want to enhance their technical skills
  * Senior technical staff that want to learn how agility can help them in achieving technical excellence


  * Tips for effective Product Backlog management
  * Slicing work into thin, end to end vertical stories
  * Software version control tips for agile teams
  * Branching strategies
  * Best practices on code review to improve collaboration
  * Traceability in software development
  * Bisecting and debugging
  * Prerequisites for continuous integration and DevOps


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