RPA Expert Developer with UiPath

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) development and its tools are fairly new on the market. By combining best practices and standards from traditional software development to business process management and seasoned experience of RPA development, customer can significantly improve solution quality of their RPA implementations and increase RPA development productivity.

This training will give practical best practices and tools for you as an RPA developer. In the training you will learn to design and build your RPA developments with reusable architecture and architecture patterns. Best practices for RPA PDD and SDD design are discussed in detail. You will learn techniques to identify good and bad code and improve your own code quality with usage of patterns, anti-patterns and code quality checklists. We will also focus on effective teamwork, knowledge sharing methods, code reviews and using version control systems, common libraries and branching strategies in RPA development. The importance of testing, test-driven RPA development approach, testing methods in UiPath environment, unit vs. component vs. integration testing, test validations and safe RPA refactoring are covered in the training. You will also learn RPA deployment related best practices and guidelines how to deploy safely to the live production environment.

This training is intended for RPA developers who are using UiPath as their main tool in RPA development. It is highly recommended that developers have at minimum 6 months of experience in RPA development and they have successfully passed UiPath Advanced Developer curriculum.

Training Agenda

  • RPA and Enterprise integration
  • Architecture design and practical use of ReFramework
  • RPA design: SDD and PDD best practices
  • Estimation techniques for RPA projects
  • Lunch
  • Focus on code quality and activities to improve quality
  • Team collaboration and effectiveness
  • Testing and refactoring RPA
  • Hands-on RPA training

Trainer: Janos Strasszer, Senior ServiceNow and Robotics Developer and Consultant at Sofigate



If you can not participate this course, you can send someone else instead of you. If cancellation is done less than 14 days before the course start, we will charge 50% of the price. In case of no show without any cancellation, we will charge the whole price. Cancellation fee will also be charged in case of illness.

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