Lean Agile Leadership

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Today’s business leaders are constantly challenged to find ways to enable their organisation’s success in the face of constant change.  The pace of market, technology, regulatory, and customer advancements bring both obstacles and opportunity.  Leaders need to build, inspire and sustain responsive teams and organisations capable of rapidly capitalizing on these emerging opportunities. Tomorrow’s success depends on new Lean Agile leadership skills, thinking, and ways of working. 

This highly interactive, in-depth course focuses on the key elements of excellent Lean-Agile leadership.  Beyond the theory of Agile leadership – this course is built to teach skills that can make an immediate difference “back on the job.”  Through facilitated discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and interactive exercises, participants will explore the why, what and how of leading Agile organisations.  By the conclusion of the course, participants will have new perspectives, skills, and personalized action plans to practice, hone and continue their Agile leadership development.


  • Context and Business Case for Agile
  • Agile Overview from a Leader’s Perspective
  • Essential Characteristics & Skills of Effective Agile Leaders
  • Introduction to the Language of Agile Leaders
  • Leading Agile Teams, Organisations and the Enterprise
  • Strategy and Structure of Agile Organisations
  • Stewardship of Vibrant Agile Climates & Culture
  • Agile Approaches to Successful Change



  • Gain alignment on business context and approaches to Agility from a leader’s perspective
  • Learn and practice key skills and behaviours essential for leading Agile ways of working
  • Understand what is needed to build, scale, and sustain effective Lean Agile organisations
  • Define leaders’ roles in catalysing successful organisational change and nurturing a vibrant organisational culture
  • Develop a personal action plan for continuing Lean Agile leadership development



  • CxO’s, Executives, and Senior leaders
  • Managers, Directors, VPs
  • Agile Coaches and Transformation Leads
  • Anyone who is leading teams or groups in an organisation



  • Length:  2 Days
  • Location:  On-site

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