SAFe® Lean Portfolio Management

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An updated version of SAFe will be released on 7th of January 2020. After that all upcoming public courses provided by us support the newest version SAFe 5.0. 

During this 3-day, workshop-oriented course, you will gain the practical tools and techniques necessary to implement the Lean Portfolio Management functions of Strategy and Investment Funding, Agile Portfolio Operations and Lean Governance in your organization.

On the course you will capture the current and future state of your portfolio with the Portfolio Canvas tool and identify important business initiatives for achieving your future vision. You will learn how flow works on the portfolio level with the Portfolio Kanban and how to prioritize initiatives for maximum economic benefit. You will also learn how to establish Value Stream Budgets and Lean Budget Guardrails and measure Lean portfolio performance.

Nitor has implemented Lean Portfolio Management with several companies, and Nitor's Agile Coaches Rami Sirkiä and Maarit Laanti are the inventors of Lean-Agile Budgeting. Learn through real-life examples and stories from the trenches.

Learning objectives: 

- Foundations of Lean Portfolio Management (LPM)

- Connect the portfolio to enterprise strategy

- Implement Lean budgeting and Guardrails

- Establish portfolio flow with the Portfolio Kanban

- Support operational growth with APMO and Communities of Practice

- Coordinate across Value Streams

- Measure Lean portfolio performance

- Build a plan for LPM implementation

Target group

The Lean Portfolio Management course is beneficial for everyone being involved with lean portfolio management, including executives, leaders, PMO personnel, architects, program and solution managers, epic owners, agile coaches and release train engineers.


The attendees can take an optional SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager Exam after the course. Attendees who pass the online exam receive a SAFe Lean Portfolio Manager (LPM) Certification. For more information about the certification exam, please visit Scaled Agile websites.

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