Lean Agile Budgeting and Planning

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Finance and planning functions have a major impact on the success of the teams striving for competitive advantage. During this course, we’ll go through the challenges in traditional planning, finance and control and learn how to apply lean agile mindset in establishing new principles that will enable enterprise agility. In short: what needs to be done differently and how to do it.

The course will be run by Senior Lean Agile Coach Rami Sirkiä, who is an SPCT and contributed to the Scaled Agile Framework and its funding model.

The course offers multiple exercises that will both help understand why change is needed and how new ways of working can be drafted.


- Planning and funding models along with the new governance structure.

- Resource allocation, funding, capitalization, tracking of the actuals and the two main things that management accounting tries to cover - are we spending money in right topics and are we working efficiently.

- Measurements and metrics.

- Ways of working that help R&D/software teams succeed and deliver high value quickly and continuously.

LEARNING GOALS: After the course, you are able to

- apply lean agile mindset in finance and planning functions

- enable enterprise agility

TARGET GROUP: Lean Agile Budgeting and Planning Course is targeted for everybody working on Lean Agile and SAFe transformations, in Finance and Control, in Program Portfolio management or in business line management collaborating with IT.

LANGUAGE: The course will be held in English.

PREREQUISITES: To fully benefit from this course, it’s highly recommended that you have taken the Leading SAFe training ad have passed the related certification exam.

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