Technical English Writing: teknisen kirjoittamisen koulutus - Tekninen kirjoittaminen englanniksi

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Technical English Writing: teknisen kirjoittamisen koulutus, no exam
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Technical English Writing: teknisen kirjoittamisen koulutus (1 pv), 16.09.2020
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During the workshop you will learn how to communicate information about technical subjects in English, in written or in digital format. The training focuses on: Clarifying the reader perspective, giving you methods of organizing information and planning document layout, giving you tools for the writing process. The training also gives you tools for editing and testing to ensure that the document you produce serves its purpose.

1. Clarifying the customer/Reader Perspective

  • Learn the ‘understand the background’ approach for matching technical writing’s intended purpose with reader’s real needs

2. Effective Placement/Organisation of Information

  • Get skills for guiding the reader to find the desired information effortlessly and quickl

3. The Writing Process

  • Learn skills for managing the writing process and what happens at which stage, how to use templates and examples, collect and filter material

4. Editing Effectively – Why and How

  • Learn different kinds of editing necessary for technical writing 

5. Eliminating Errors: Producing Clear-in-meaning Text

  • Participants learn how to use punctuation and grammar rules correctly as well as spot and eliminate errors and self-contradiction in own writing

6. Clarity – Does the reader get the message I want to give?

  • Learn the concepts of substantiated and unsubstantiated claims, get skills for avoiding clichés and using abbreviations correctly


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  • Clarifying the customer/Reader perspective
  • Effective Placement/Organisation of Information
  • The Writing Process
  • Editing effectively – Why and How
  • Eliminating errors – Producing clear in meaning text
  • Clarity – Does the reader get the message I want to give?
If you can not participate this course, you can send someone else instead of you. If cancellation is done less than two (2) weeks before the course start, we will charge 50% of the price. In case of no show without any cancellation, we will charge the whole price. Cancellation fee will also be charged in case of illness.

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