SAFe® 5 Advanced Scrum Master with SASM Certification

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Earlybird: SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master with SASM Certification
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SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master with SASM Certification (early bird) (2 pv), 02.06.2022
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"The trainer knows what she speaks. The atmosphere in the course was excellent and examples from the real life are always the best part of course."

The faster the world changes all around, the more important it becomes to have the ability to react fast, but in organised manner, to those changes. When organisations internalise the principles and practices of agility, they can react faster to unexpected situations. During this two-day course the participants delve deeper into the role of Scrum Master in SAFe framework by clarifying their understanding on SAFe principles, and ways to improve development flow and supporting teams to become high-performing. 

After the training, you are able to identify SAFe's most important principles that support your work as SAFe Scrum Master. You will understand the significance of having a system's view and looking the flow of work from a wider perspective. You know how to build high-performing teams and can identify common anti-patterns from different roles and contexts. You will also understand how to use Kanban and XP's development practices to improve flow of work. You will gain concrete tools to facilitate program execution and problem solving workshops as well as gain practical skills to facilitate teams in larger Agile programs. 

Course topics:

  • LESSON1: Exploring the Scrum Master Role in SAFe
    • Scrum Master challenges in the Enterprise
    • Purpose and basic constructs of SAFe
    • Scrum Master connections in the Framework
  • LESSON2: Applying SAFe Principles
    • SAFe Principles; a Scrum Master's perspective
  • LESSON3: Exploring Agile and Scrum Anti-Patterns
    • Anti-patterns associated with the Product Owner role
    • How Stories and tasks may lead to anti-patterns
    • Identifying context-specific anti-patterns
  • LESSON4: Facilitating Program Execution 
    • Synchronising development with the Agile Release Train
    • Organising teams around the flow of value
    • Planning & executing the Program Increment
    • Releasing value on demand
    • Preparing for the next PI Planning
  • LESSON5: Improving Flow with Kanban and XP  
    • Building the Kanban board
    • Measuring and optimising flow
    • Building quality in
    • Fostering engineering craftsmanship
    • Collaboration with Architects, System Team, and Operations
  • LESSON6: Building High-Performing Teams
    • On the team and cross-team collaboration
    • Building trust with stakeholders
    • Developing team skill sets
    • Improvement Roadmap
  • LESSON7: Improving Program Performance
    • The Inspect and Adapt process
    • Problem-Solving Workshop (exercise)
  • LESSON8: SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)
    • Preparing for the certification test

Attending the class prepares individuals to take the exam and become a certified SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master (SASM). For more information, goto Scaled Agile Inc.

Who will benefit

The training is suitable for anyone interested in applying SAFe principles, systems view and facilitation to improve the teams and Agile Release Trains. From the trainings provided by SAFe, the SAFe Advanced Scrum Master is especially suitable for Scrum Masters, Managers and Agile Coaches as well as for other roles who are driving the Lean-Agile change with teams in Agile Release Trains. 

Although some basic knowledge from Scrum, SAFe and the role of Scrum Master are considered beneficial, they are not compulsory. The training is suitable for personnel from private organisations as well as from public administration. 

About the trainers

All our trainers are experienced experts of Lean&Agile and they have gained excellent feedback from their training skills and content knowledge. Our trainers have gained years of practical experience from different projects and roles as well as from agile teams and organisations. We have trained hundreds of people and teams to agile methodology and the participants have felt they gained  concrete benefits to their agile implementations. To know more about our trainers, check here


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