Leading Agile projects

Duration: 1.0 days
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Agile approaches were created for high-uncertainty projects which have high rates of change, complexity and risk. Traditional predictive approaches dont work for projects with these characteristics. Agile approaches originally were designed for software development projects, but they work well for any complex, innovative scope of work.

This course gives an overview of the most popular agile approaches and explains how the project management knowledge areas and processes should be applied to a project which is executed in an agile environment

Organisations should adopt agile because of the business benefits, e.g.  time-to-market, quality, productivity, employee satisfaction and stakeholder satisfaction. To achieve success, the implications of becoming agile must be transferred into all parts of the organisation. This course includes practical information on what should be considered in an organisations transition effort to agile.

Course objectives

  • Overview of the most popular agile approaches
  • Understand how project management is applied to a project in an agile environment
  • Understand the approach to introducing agile into an organisation, considering all parts of the organisation
  • Identify and enhance business value of your organisation by adopting agile
  • Learn how to lead self-organising teams
  • Learn how to plan, track and monitor Agile projects

Target audience

  • Project/Program managers
  • PMO personnel
  • Steering board members
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners

Course content

Why use agile?

-Benefits of Agile
-What types of projects can Agile be applied to
-Life cycles and governance in an Agile project

Agile approaches


Agile organisation

-Roles in an Agile project
-Agile in organisation context

Leading an agile project

-Value of Project Management in an Agile environment
-Project Scope Management
-Project Time Management
-Project Cost Management
-Project Quality Management
-Project Human Resource Management
-Project Communications Management
-Project Risk Management
-Project Procurement Management
-Project Stakeholder Management

Organisations transition to agile

Case examples



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