Digital Behaviour Design using APIs

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Digital Behaviour Design using APIs, no exam
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Digital Behaviour Design using APIs (1 days), 20.09.2018
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Digital Behaviour Design using APIs Material, online
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Who should attend?


Customer Experience & User Experience designers, Product Managers and Designers, Business developers and Software Architects.


What will you learn?


Digital product development used to be all about attracting and locking an "average user" into a "standard" product. Data-driven product development is about adapting the product to the behaviour of its most valuable users.This sounds important, but rather complicated and time-consuming? It need not be, with the right understanding and tools!

User-data can be analyzed with the help of ready-made tools and services, often pluggable to your digital product or platform - via APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

There are also APIs and other pluggable services which help your product become a user behaviour-hero - by communicating, nudging, gamifying and helping your application to be generally aware of what users are doing, where they are and what types of activities they engage with.

User  Behaviour Design is a new discipline that applies psychology into digital experience design, and answers questions like

  • Why  and how  do they use  the product?

  • Why  do they  come back?  

  • Why  do they  recommend others?

  • What  do they  pay for?

  • And more


Analysing user behaviour during Product Development Evolution answers important questions:

  • What  features  to focus on  developing?

  • What  KPIs to  capture and  which of those  matter?

  • How  to measure    and grow user  success?

  • Digital  product development  used to be all about  attracting and locking an  ‘average’ user in to a ‘standard’  product.


Who is doing the training?

Ashwin Rajan (Ash), is an international  trainer, speaker and panelist on behaviour design and change. He has served a diverse client base across a 20-year career in customer & user experience, service  design, design thinking and design-driven innovation at firms such as Fjord (now part of Accenture Interactive) and Deloitte. Ash is founder of Fabric, a product psychology and behaviour design think tank and consultancy. Among other things, Fabric specialises in helping drive product development decisions based on understanding, targeting and shaping user behaviour.

Marjukka Niinioja, founder of Osaango, is an educational scientist turned software architect. Marjukka is an also speaker and author of API-talous 101, a book about API Economy. She has researched, trained and consulted organizations on building digital products and services, including APIs. She has also experience as manager, team lead and business developer. Marjukka is co-hosting Product Tank Helsinki for product managers and other product people as well as APIOps -meetups for API enthusiasts.


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  • What is Behaviour Design and its application to digital technology?

  • Extend or Disrupt: Improve existing  products based on current user behaviour / Create new  products by targeting behavioural change.

  • What is an API?

  • How do APIs affect your customer and user experience?

  • Using target behaviours to move users at each phase of their customer growth lifecycle.

    • How target behaviours can help acquire users?

    • What behaviours should you target for activating dormant users?

    • How user retention can be minimized with right kind of target behaviour?

    • How revenue is maximized with behaviour, what is the psychology of pricing?

  • Introduction to 10 key areas of behavioural science to target behaviour change, such as motivation tools, cognitive biases, gamification styles, nudging techniques, personality types and habit building.

  • What is developer experience and why should you care?

  • Examples of APIs connected to user behaviour and useful for building products and product life cycles

  • How should you continue your journey to behaviour design and/or APIs?

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