Deploy & Manage Citrix SD-WAN – Essentials

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Deploy & Manage Citrix SD-WAN – Essentials, no exam
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Deploy & Manage Citrix SD-WAN – Essentials (3 pv), 25.03.2019
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Learn the various SD-WAN implementations and deployment modes available, and how to choose the one that is right for your organization. Take a tour of the underlying architecture of SD- WAN and learn how to differentiate between the various components. Understand how the different elements of SD-WAN come together to provide a better network experience. Topics include: Quality of Service, Classes of Service, Rules, Dynamic Routing, DHCP Services, Zero Touch Deployment and the SD-WAN management tools available. Handson labs to be provided.

What you’ll learn
• Deployment options available
• Initial configuration and management of Citrix SD-WAN
• Provisioning and management considerations
• SD-WAN security considerations
• SD-WAN optimizations availableTopics include: Quality of Service, Classes of Service, Rules, Dynamic Routing, DHCP Services, Zero Touch Deployment and the SD-WAN management tools available. Handson labs to be provided.

Versions covered
This course is currently on Citrix SD-WAN version 10.x

Prerequisite knowledge
• Understanding of different computer networks such as LAN and WAN
• Familiarity with data-carrying techniques, including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Metro Ethernet, and VPN tunneling
• Understanding of techniques for increasing data transfer efficiencies / WAN optimization
• General understanding of branch network technologies; Routing, Firewall, DHCP, Internet control, Quality of Service

Is this course for me?
Built for IT Professionals working with Citrix SD-WAN, with little or no previous SD-WAN experience. Potential students include administrators, engineers, and architects interested in learning how to deploy or manage Citrix SD-WAN.




Module 1: Citrix SD-WAN Introduction and Overview
• Citrix SD-WAN Functionality
• Platforms & Editions
• Initial Configuration

Module 2: Citrix SD-WAN Deployment Modes and Configuration
• Deployment Mode Options
• Multi-Region Deployment
• Interface Groups
• Virtual IP Addresses
• WAN Links
• Change Management
• Upgrading Deployments
• Zero Touch Deployment Options

Module 3: Citrix SD-WAN Provisioning and Change Management
• Appliance Architecture
• SD-WAN Management Architecture Options
• Packet Processing and Architecture
• SD-WAN Services

Module 4: Citrix SD-WAN Security Considerations
• Citrix SD-WAN Physical Security
• Appliance Security Considerations
• Network Security
• Stateful Firewall Considerations
• Firewall Rules and Zones
• Security Administration and Management

Module 5: Citrix SD-WAN Quality of Service
• Citrix SD-WAN Quality of Service
• Classes of Service and Rules
• Application Quality of Service
• SD-WAN Transmit Modes
• Bandwidth Provisioning
• Deep Packet Inspection

Module 6: Citrix SD-WAN Optimizations
• Dynamic Routing
• IPsec Termination
• MPLS Queues
• Path State Sensitivity Control
• Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Support


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