PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager - Based on international standards

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PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager (participation, exam, certification)
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PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager (5 pv), 18.01.2021
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Why should you attend?
ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager training enables you to acquire the expertise and competence needed to support an organization in implementing and managing a Cybersecurity program based on ISO/IEC 27032 and NIST Cybersecurity framework. During this training course, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge of Cybersecurity, the relationship between Cybersecurity and other types of IT security, and stakeholders’ role in Cybersecurity.
After mastering all the necessary concepts of Cybersecurity, you can sit for the exam and apply for a “PECB Certified
ISO/IEC 27032 Lead Cybersecurity Manager” credential. By holding a PECB Lead Cybersecurity Manager Certificate, you will be able to demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge and professional capabilities to support and lead a team in managing Cybersecurity.

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Who should attend?
Cybersecurity professionals
Information Security experts
Professionals seeking to manage a Cybersecurity program
Individuals responsible to develop a Cybersecurity program
IT specialists
Information Technology expert advisors
IT professionals looking to enhance their technical skills and knowledge


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Course agenda

Day 1
Introduction to Cybersecurity and related concepts as recommended by ISO/IEC 27032
Course objectives and structure
Standards and regulatory frameworks
Fundamental concepts in Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity program
Initiating a Cybersecurity program
Analyzing the organization
Day 2
Cybersecurity policies, risk management and attack mechanisms
Cybersecurity policies
Cybersecurity risk management
Attack mechanisms
Day 3
Cybersecurity controls, information sharing and coordination
Cybersecurity controls
Information sharing and coordination
Training and awareness program
Day 4
Incident management, monitoring and continuous improvement
Business continuity
Cybersecurity incident management
Cybersecurity incident response and recovery
Testing in Cybersecurity
Performance measurement
Continuous improvement
Closing the training
Day 5
Certification Exam

Online exam - participant selects the appropriate time and place for exam
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If you can not participate this course, you can send someone else instead of you. If cancellation is done less than 14 days before the course start, we will charge 50% of the price. In case of no show without any cancellation, we will charge the whole price. Cancellation fee will also be charged in case of illness.

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