Agile Leadership Gamified

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Agile Leadership Gamified, no exam
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Agile Leadership Gamified (1 pv), 25.09.2019
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Every organisation looks for ways to become more agile, yet landing the transformational change often gets stuck because of the organisational culture and mindset.


Business Technology Academy’s Agile Leadership Training
At the end of the one-day course, you will understand the importance of:

  • business focus and customer value
  • working as a united team
  • a shared language and goals
  • reduced cost to quality
  • reduced time to test
  • accelerated time to market
  • continuous application deployment and delivery
  • increased ability to release more and faster

The course is based on a DevOps simulation game that takes place over 3 rounds. Each round takes you closer to the desired goals of creating a united team culture, becoming product-focused and achieving faster delivery. It’s a learning method unlike any you’ve tried before!


The simulation game allows you to understand the challenges and to adopt the agile methodologies the way they are meant to work. You will learn by making mistakes, reacting with emotions, and falling into traps – so you will never make the same mistake again! It’s a kinesthetic learning experience: not only fun, but also refreshing in today’s digital world!




Any changes are possible two weeks prior to the starting date. Business Technology Academy reserves the right to charge the full price of the training for any cancellations made later than this.

Prior to the training, it is possible to transfer your seat to another participant for no extra charge. In case of illness, the participant may take the missed training during the next training day organised.

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