Webinaari- ja verkkokoulutustyökalu solki.live

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Webinaari- ja verkkokoulutustyökalu solki.live
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Webinaari- ja verkkokoulutustyökalu solki.live Other digital content
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Alternative for physical meetings and events -- solki.live

Solki.live is easy, fast and cost effective tool for different online events. Solki.live works in your browser (no downloads/installations) making it easy to start webinars, online groups (up to 25 interactive participants) and one-on-one meetings.

You are able to record and share your screen in any live event (webinar, online groups and one-on-one meetings) and send documents or have a chat with your audience. 

No commitments - you only pay for use.

Click here to see video of solki.live! | Click here to see solki.live blog post!

Contact me now and I will tell you more about solki.live!

Ollipekka Kivin / +358 50 327 1088 / olli.kivin@live.com

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