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Leanscape Customisation
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Leanscape Customisation eLearning
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Leanscape Customisation is meant for organisations that wish to create a customised personal Leanscape eLearning package. Customisation includes a private cloud separated from our public cloud service where only your organisation's answers and scores are visible. Customisation also includes a chance to modify the appearance of Leanscape with your logo, pictures, and color palette.

The customisation work costs 3000 € as a one-time payment. Keep in mind that this purchase doesn't include the licenses for the escape game. Licenses can be bought either separately (199€/user/12-month contract) or by contacting us at info@leanscape.net to receive a bulk discount for your order.


Leanscape is a unique famous room escape game. It's a gamified interactive eLearning package for your organization to grasp the essence of agile and lean practices.

It is effortless to roll-out to your organization. Are you searching for a solution to kickstart Lean in your organisation? Leanscape is the easiest way to get everyone involved in agile ways of working while enhance teamwork at your company. It is the easiest and fastest way of becoming more agile. It's also more cost efficient than hiring a lean consult.


It takes approximately 8 hours to finish Leanscape. Upon ordering, you will receive a licence that's valid for 12 months from the first log in. During this period, you can complete the training any time you wish, at your own pace.

Leanscape includes the following topics:

Room 1: Agility
Introduction to the values and principles of Agile (free!)

Room 2: Process Control 
What is the most suitable type of workflow for you to control processes while creating value?
Three different methods are introduced (defined, statistical and empirical).

Room 3: Eliminating Waste 
Introduction to the eight wastes of Lean and solutions to removing them in your own work

Room 4: Customer Centricity 
What does it mean if an organisation is customer centric? How can it be achieved?
How to move customer to the centre of your operations?

Room 5: Iteration 
Introduction to both waterfall and iterative product developments. When should the iterative product
development be used? And when shouldn't it?

Room 6: Kanban 
The principles and deployment of Kanban. How to increase employee commitment using Kanban?

Room 7: The MVP 
How can the MVP help you build better selling products faster?

Room 8: Finalizing 
Why should we also finalize and not only start new things? How to do it?

All of the topics include a theory section and many exercises such as simulation games, group exercises and thought provoking questions. The trainees reflect on the current practices of their organisation and come up with ideas to make concrete improvements in the future.

More informatio and a demo account available HERE

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