Leanscape for Managers and Leaders

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Leanscape for Managers
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Leanscape for Managers and Leaders eLearning
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Leanscape for Management consist of another eight rooms and eight different topics. The training explores the daily work of a manager while spreading a deeper understanding of agile and lean values and actions.

The first four rooms include general management exercises and tips whereas the later four rooms focus solely on agile and lean.

Room 1: The Basics of Management
The basics of management investigate the different ways to lead a team. How to manage successfully in different situations? How to motivate? How to be a leader instead of a manager?

Room 2: Managing Yourself
The second room goes deeper into the management of yourself and of your work. How do you manage your time and workload? Do you take responsibility? What kind of an example do you show at work?

Room 3: Interacting Successfully 
The third room is all about interacting with other people. How well do you know different personality types? There are exercises on organising successful meetings, empowering teams and individuals, inspiring, and managing change.

Room 4: Components of a Successful Manager
The fourth room is a summary of all the components of a successful management. Different skills, tools and techniques are introduced to help you reach your fullest potential.

5. An Agile Manager
Where does a manager fit in an agile organisation? How to support an agile team? How to inspire organisational change?

Room 6: A Lean Manager
What are the characteristics of a Lean manager? How to motivate and drive your teams? How to delegate simple problem solving? How to empower teams?

Room 7: Toyota Kata
An introduction to the Kata management system first introduced in the book Toyota Kata by Mike Rothen. What are the Improvement Kata and the Coaching Kata? How to systematically pursue the desired conditions by utilizing human capabilities?

Room 8: Kaizen
What does the word Kaizen mean? How to integrate continuous improvement to daily work and the whole organisation? What is the PDCA cycle and how can it be implemented as a manager?

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