Introduction to Digital Transformation Technologies

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Introduction to Digital Transformation Technologies
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Introduction to Digital Transformation Technologies eLearning
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Introduction to Digital Transformation Technologies

The world is changing rapidly, and the change is driven by technology. Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and software robotics: this course delves into these current technologies behind digital transformation. After the course you know what these hyped technologies are, where they came from and what is to be expected in the future. You also understand the impact the technologies have on your business environment and are better equipt for the business challenges to come.

The course contains four online modules consisting of efficient video lectures, company interviews and additional study materials selected by our trainers.It is targeted for everyone who is looking new effective ways to improve business and who needs to understand the impact of these digital technologies.

Course Outline

Module 1. Artificial Intelligence – Interactive, Dependable and Data Efficient

Faculty: Arto Klami (University of Helsinki), Mikko Kurimo (Aalto University) and Mats Sjöberg (Aalto University)

    • What is Artificial Intelligence?
    • History of Artificial Intelligence
    • AI Today: Why now and where are we?
    • Technologies: Neural networks and Deep learning
    • Technologies: Probabilistic programming
    • Applications: Computer vision
    • Applications: Speech and language processing

Module 2. Blockchain – The first distributed trust technology

Faculty: Janne M. Korhonen (Aalto University), Liisa Välikangas (Aalto University) and Timo Seppälä (Aalto University)

    • What is blockchain?
    • How blockchain works?
    • Trust technologies from bookkeeping to blockchain
    • Smart contracts
    • Strategizing and organizing with blockchain
    • Blockchain use case 1: Fortum
    • Blockchain use case 2: Euroclear

Module 3. Software robotics – The invisible workforce

Faculty: Riitta Bekkhus (Aalto University), Esko Penttinen (Aalto University) and Jaakko K. Lehtinen (Cap Gemini)

    • Introduction to RPA
    • Historical reasons behind RPA
    • Posiotining RPA among automation tools
    • Lessons learned from RPA projects
    • Informating though RPA
    • Next generation RPA

Module 4. Augmented and Virtual reality – From reality to virtuality

Faculty: Mikko Kytö (Aalto University) and Tuukka Takala (Aalto University)

    • Introduction to Augmented and Virtual reality
    • History and Future of Augmented and Virtual reality
    • Tracking technologies
    • Display technologies
    • Interaction technologies
    • Deeper dive into Augmented reality
    • Deeper dive into Virtual reality
    • Augmented and Virtual reality equipment demo

Module 5. Company Interviews

Industry specialists talk about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Software Robotics and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

    • How and where can you utilize the technologies?
    • What can be expected from the future?
    • How do they impact business environments?


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